Protect Your Stuff With a Spence Trailer Lock

In 2001, Jim Spence, owner of California Vehicle Supply, saw a need that was not being addressed: utility trailer safety and security. Stories in racing publications and the national media reporting racer trailer theft were showing up too often, so Jim began to study the problem.

Spence Trailer Lock

The STL-1SA is single-adjustment trailer lock. It is vertically adjustable, has only four pieces, weighs less than 18 pounds and has one adjustment on the vertical plane.

Spence Trailer Lock

All Spence trailer locks come either polished or power coated, with all of the necessary hardware except padlocks.

In March 2003, Jim received the result: Across the country, trailer theft was a major issue escalating annually. Racers were not the only victims; hundreds of utility trailers of all types were being stolen on a daily basis. The research also showed an increase in big rig theft with an unbelievable insurance cost. Unsecured trailers of all types were easy targets for theft. There had to be a simple and cost-effective solution to the problem. This was the starting point for the Spence Trailer safety lock.

Spence Trailer Lock

The STL-2C is designed to meet heavy-duty commercial requirements for three-axle big rigs.

Spence Trailer Lock

The lock assembly has 7 inches of total vertical adjustment and a 13-inch-wide contact area.

CVS did its homework and designed trailer locks that are adaptable to various trailer types, easy to adjust and install, are affordable, and provide a sense of security. Whether you’re towing your stuff behind a pickup or your rig’s a tractor and trailer, there’s a lock available. Lock it up and perhaps you’ll sleep a little more soundly tonight.


Text by Pete Ward



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