One Fine Fish – Lloyd Wofford Returns to Duty With a Fast and Fabulous ’68 ‘Cuda


“I missed it every day for the past 28 years.” Lloyd Wofford’s not talking about smoking or any other vice; he’s referring to not participating in drag racing.


Drag Racing Event

Lloyd’s story is echoed throughout the pits.  He started racing in the mid-‘60s, only to “retire” years later.  During his first tour of duty he ran through a variety of rides, including a C/MP ’57 Chevy, stepping up to A/SM with a ’68 Camaro and finally a Don Ness-built C/Gas Chevy Monza.  In the mix was a ‘65 SS/BA Plymouth Belvedere owned by “Mr. 4 Speed” himself, the legendary Herb McCandless. Lloyd bemoans the fact he let that one get away!


car engine

Charlie Westcott of Jackson Engine Tech worked his magic on the Hemi. His special touches abound, including the “windowed” Indy Cylinder Head valve covers, allowing the valve train action to be monitored.


After 28 years prioritizing the responsibilities of life—marriage, family, starting and growing a successful business (engines, inc. a John Deere distributorship)— he decided the time was right to return to the racing wars.


drag racing

B&B’s chassis design and execution provides a solid platform for Lloyd’s ‘Cuda
from launch through the lights.

The memory of his Hemi-powered Belvedere still fresh in his mind, Lloyd wanted something similar. After extensive research, he ended up at Darren and Anne Breaud’s B&B Race Cars in Hohenwald, Tennessee, about an hour outside of Nashville.


racing car

No vinyl wrap here. Don Brown designed and shot the stunning multi-color paint scheme.

After lengthy discussions they decided upon the construction of the SS/AH ’68 Barracuda you see here. “I told Darren to build it like he’d do it for himself,” and Lloyd couldn’t be happier with their finished product. Scott Brown designed and laid the paint over B&B’s handiwork.

The fit and finish of Lloyd’s Hemi ‘Cuda may be worthy of a trailer queen show car, seemingly much too beautiful to race, but that certainly wasn’t Lloyd’s intent.

To get his fish flying, he turned to Super Stock Hemi guru Charlie Westcott of Jackson Engine Tech in Parma, Michigan. Lloyd’s early performance 8.58 elapsed time and 155 mph top speed speak well of Westcott’s talents.


These are the folks who make it all happen.

These are the folks who make it all happen. From left to right: James Caro, Sam Pourclau, (wwner/driver) Lloyd Wofford, Sonny Stancil and Don Brown. The most crucial member, Lloyd’s wife Linda and engines, inc. CFO, is absent. She was back home, taking care of business.


The project began in February of 2009 and the car debuted at the NHRA Divisional race at Beech Bend, Kentucky, August of 2010 quite successfully.  Lloyd went three rounds and the ‘Cuda was awarded Best Appearing Car.  Several weeks later at the U.S. Nationals, Lloyd’s flying fish once again nabbed the Best Appearing trophy. Considering the hundreds and hundreds of cars that roll through the gates at Indy, that’s no small feat. He also plowed through another three rounds of competition.


The ‘Cuda’s interior is as immaculate and well crafted as the exterior.

The ‘Cuda’s interior is as immaculate and well crafted as the exterior.

The 2011 season will see one major change to the ‘Cuda. NHRA gives a weight break for manual transmissions in SS/AH (plus they’re lighter), so Lloyd will lose the Torqueflite in favor of a Liberty four-speed and begin doing his best imitation of friend, “Mr. 4 Speed” Herb McCandless.

Lloyd is quick to credit the success of his racing venture to the financial support of the family business, engines, inc., and support staff:  Chief Financial Officer and wife Linda, Team Manager Sonny Stancil, Crew Chief James Caro and crew member Don Brown.

One final note:  As if racing this successful Hemi Super Stocker weren’t enough to keep Lloyd and troops busy, they also successfully campaign a SS/JA Plymouth Volare plus a B/SM Dodge Stratus both driven by James Caro. Soon there may even be a fourth car in the engines, inc. stable—a very special race car with a surprise driver. Stay tuned.


Tech Sheet

Engine: Chrysler

Year: 1968

Cu. In.: 426-ci

HP: 930-plus

Torque: 650-plus

Built by: C. Westcott, Jackson Engine Tech

Crank: Crower

Rods: Crower (steel)

Piston: Miller

Comp. Ratio: 13.5:1

Oil pan: Steff (wet sump)

Oil pump: Jackson Engine Tech

Cam: Cam Motion

Lifter: Jesel

Valves: Manley (stainless)

Valve Springs: PAC

Rockers: Jesel

Valve Covers: Indy cylinder heads/Jackson Engine tech

Gear Drive: Jesel

Cylinder heads: Chrysler

Intake: Jackson Engine Tech

Carbs: Holley

Ignition sys.: MSD

Ignition wires: MSD

Hoses/fittings: Aeroquip and Jiffy Tight

Trans type: Torqueflite 727  (soon to be Liberty four-speed and shifter with East West Clutch)

Built by: Pro Trans

Converter: ATI or A1

Valve Body: Pro Trans

Shifter: Precision

Driveshaft: Mark Williams

Rearend Housing: Dewco

Axles: Mark Williams

Case and Gears: Dewco

Rear Suspension Type: 4-link

Rear Shocks: Santhuff

Front Suspension Type: Stock

Front Shocks: Santhuff

Steering System: Stock

Steering Linkage: B&B

Wheels Front/Rear: Weld

Wheel Size Front: 15 x 3-inch

Wheel Size Rear: 15 x 16-inch

Tire/Size Front: Phoenix 4.5-26 x 15

Tire/Size Rear: Phoenix 14.5 x 32

Front Brakes: Mark Williams

Rear Brakes: Mark Williams

Chassis: Designed by B&B


Text by Pete Ward

Photos by James Drew and Pete Ward


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