Cool Facts about Driver Scott McClay

In a recent post you got an exclusive look at driver, Scott McClay. Now here are a few cool things to know about him:

Scott McClay

Scott McClay, honest-to-God rocket scientist, tinkers with his Mopar.


  • Scott’s CE/D serves as a research and development test vehicle for the TH-200 automatic transmission and components he designs and builds.


  • He bought his current car, which was built using a Mike Bos chassis, in 2004. The wheelbase is 229 inches and it weighs in at 1,520 pounds to run C/ED. Instead of the usual Chevy power plant, McClay had a 304-ci version of Mopar’s NASCAR 358-inch engine built by Rick Luizzo.


  • Since then the engine has been rebuilt and updated by Rick Watters. One of the major changes Watters made was to replace the old intake and cylinder heads with new units from Pro Stock cylinder head guru Chuck Foltz of CFE. Foltz also furnished an intake manifold. The single four-barrel carburetor is from Bob Book out of Illinois, who is better known for the NHRA Pro Stock and Pro Mod racers who use his carbs. Ignition is by MSD.


McClay's 304-ci version of NASCAR's 358 Mopar small-block was built by Rick Luizzo and updated by Rick Watters. It's backed by one of Scott's McClay Engineering’s GM TH200 three-speed transmissions.

McClay’s 304-ci version of NASCAR’s 358 Mopar small-block was built by Rick Luizzo and updated by Rick Watters. It’s backed by one of Scott’s McClay Engineering’s GM TH200 three-speed transmissions.


  • A Coan converter is used with the McClay TH-200 trans. Goodyear tires on all four corners put the power to the pavement. The engine has made just a little over 800 hp on the dyno. The best speed and ET for the dragster is 7.21 at 182.4 mph on a 7.86 index.


  • Scott McClay doesn’t just build his own version of the GM TH-200 three-speed automatic transmission, he races it and he isn’t the only racer who has one. Among some of the well known racers in Stock, Super Stock and Comp that use a Scott McClay Engineering trans are 2010 NHRA Stock Eliminator World Champion Brad Burton, Super Stock racer Abe Loewen, and Comp’s H/EA record holder Kyle Cultera, just to name a few. All together McClay trans-equipped Comp, Super Stock and Stock Eliminator cars in nearly a dozen classes hold or have held NHRA national class records.


  • McClay builds his transmissions in his Tehachapi, California, shop and has actually reengineered many of the components for the transmission to make it not only more durable, but lightweight too. (It weighs the same as a two-speed Powerglide.) Aside from the stock-length trans bodies, he also makes a shorty version for dragster application that is just an inch longer than a standard GM shorty glide.


  • Just a few of the items McClay offers racers is his own reengineered valve body, a billet shaft-forward drum, billet front stator support and 21 different gear ratios. He offers many other components and complete trans, which you can see on his website at
McClay at the scene of his first national event win, the 2011 NHRA Worldfinals.

McClay at the scene of his first national event win, the 2011 NHRA Worldfinals.


Text by Jeff Burk

Photos by James Drew and Courtesy Scott McClay



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