About Us

The fastest accelerating vehicles on the planet…That’s America’s Sport of Drag Racing.  DRAG RACER

MAGAZINE offers its readers a unique perspective on this high impact test of man and machine. The most respected individuals in This Sport provide informative and interesting technical articles, driver profiles, factory tours, hottest car features, thought provoking columns and ‘behind the scenes’ race coverage. DRAG RACER’S main objective is to provide a comprehensive package, each issue covering all that’s relevant to Sportsman, Pro and Nostalgia racing.


Our tech pieces range from the most basic “What it is, What it does” to Graduate Level High Tech.  With clear photos and concise info, you’ll want to grab a wrench and jump in. We introduce you to the drivers, sportsman thru nitro and you’ll learn what’s going on inside the helmet. You’ll see up-close & in-depth what they drive and the races they compete in.  We keep you up to date on the newest, trickest parts, how they’re made and if they’re a good fit for your race car.


DRAG RACER benefits from the fact that all involved with its’ creation – editorial, photography and art – are diehard drag racing fanatics.  All fully understand the needs of our readers–hardcore fans, week-end street/strippers, dedicated bracket bombers, sportsman competitors,  licensed pros–and are passionate about producing the best magazine possible.