The Ultimate Collectible for the Ultimate Fan

Precision makes all the difference when you’re hurtling towards the finish line. The precision involved in the sport of drag racing is echoed in the attention to detail of these 1:24 scale diecast models by Auto World Authentics. Dedicated fans can see that these cars are impeccably replicated to the minutest detail, shrinking these race cars down to size to bring the race home.

Ultimate Collectible

To start the process of making these diecast collectible cars, Auto World Authentics works diligently with the teams, sponsors, car manufacturers, drivers and NHRA to get all of the details correct. You’re just scratching the surface by examining the features on the outside of these diecasts, because Auto World Authentics has even color-matched the paint of the real cars to the paint of the 1:24 version. This exact color is then added and clearcoated to ensure a glossy, durable finish, protecting all of the decals and sponsor badging just as you see on the 1:1 car. “What you see on these diecasts is what you’ll see trackside,” said Auto World Brand Manager Tony Karamitsos. “We match the colors exactly to give fans the true sense of seeing the real car.”

Auto World Authentics makes the NHRA replicas in all four pro classes: Funny Cars, Pro Stock Bikes, Pro Stock Cars and Top Fuel Dragsters. Both the bodies and the chassis under them are solid diecast metal. On the Funny Car, the chassis is hinged just like the real thing. On the Pro Stock car, the doors open and the front end lifts off along with a separate scoop. On the Top Fuel Dragster, the front top body panel lifts off. All three have fully detailed interiors and even functional steering columns. All of the different body styles have rubber-like Goodyear Eagle slicks, and they’re even sanded to mimic the look of having been raced. “Sanding these tires makes it so you can almost smell the rubber burning as those tires start spinning,” said Karamitsos.

Once you get under the hood, you get a feeling of what makes these racers rumble. The engines are decked out to replicate the 8,000-plus-hp nestled in between the tubular chassis that gives them the power they need to run the quarter-mile. These cars have around 80 parts, and you can see a lot of them end up in these incredibly detailed engines. If you see it on a dragster, you’ll see it on this diecasts. It takes a lot to get these cars to go as fast as 320 mph, and fans can examine it up close in Auto World Authentics’ cars.

Auto World works to stay at the forefront of racing technology to keep these collectibles up-to-date. They are constantly reviewing the changes that the car manufacturers are making to the bodies in all classes, and continually reflect that in the tooling. Karamitsos noted that they are working on updating the Pro Stock body tooling to reflect the recent changes in the design of the body. “Just like in the staging lane, reaction time is important,” said Karamitsos. “We keep an eye on the race to give collectors what is hot in the sport.”

Collectors can find these cars at their local hobby shops and online at But race fans can often find these cars trackside, in the drivers’ merchandise trailers. Bob Jacobsen, owner and president of Jacobsen Marketing Group, who works with Auto World on these products, collaborates with the drivers’ teams to make these items available for fans. “Auto World works to make a collectible that racing fans can appreciate,” said Jacobsen. “We want fans to be able to bring home a reminder of their day at the races. These cars look so real that you can almost smell the nitro in the air!”

All these details come together to create a finely honed machine, exactly like their 1:1 scale counterparts. Precisely aligned and designed, Auto World Authentics diecasts have every detail that a race fan and a collector could want. Precision takes a racer from a competitor to the winner’s circle!

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