Rock Solid Rearends

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52 Years of Dependable Differentials from Currie Enterprises

We caught one of the four CNC axle spline machines throwing trails of sparks while this axle was being splined.

Drag Racing requires a harmonious marriage of components not only to build big horsepower but also to transfer that horsepower and torque through the driveline and get it down to the ground. A quality built and engineered differential is worth its weight in gold when you mash the gas and the slicks start to hook.

Currie’s knowledgeable sales staff spends hours on the phone educating customers about the company’s products in an effort to help them make the right decision for their hot rod, muscle car, truck, off-road vehicle or race car.

Housings sit at will-call ready for pick up. Currie has a reputation for quality built products with a fast turn around and a deep stock of parts.

The shop also features a full service R&D facility to test new products. This ’56 Chevy was getting fit with a Currie 9-inch aluminum housing rearend.

If you are somewhat of a purist, Currie does a full restoration process on 8- and 9-inch Ford backing plates using original cores that go through an extensive machining process and mechanical and cosmetic makeover.

Currie Enterprises has been messing with differentials and differential parts since 1959 when Frank Currie started building drive axles for chicken feeders, golf carts and forklifts. Having always been a hot rodder, Frank influenced his three sons Ray, John and Charlie Currie to follow in his gearhead footsteps, and consequently all three have their own automotive addictions whether on pavement or off. In 1986 the Currie sons bought the thriving differential business from dad and continue to build custom rearends for trucks, street rods, muscle cars, circle track cars, off-road vehicles, and of course drag, race cars. Currie can build a 100 percent custom housing for your racer from the housing style to the bracketry and gear ratio with all of the parts in stock under one roof. The crew at Currie offers lots of options when building a custom rearend for a customer and can tailor the differential for the sportsman racer, Currie’s core drag race customer.

Here some housings are staged for final assembly.

Currie has multiple third member assembly stations to keep production flowing and get the third members ready for the final assembly crew.

The final assembly area is where each rearend is fit with the third member, axles and components to produce a complete unit for the customer.

Axle cores fill the shelves, providing patterns and fitments for numerous applications.

Tom “Mongoose” McEwen stares at a Currie rock crawler differential with a weird look on his face. Currie plays on the dirt as well as the asphalt.

Every housing is placed in the hot tank prior to powder coating and assembly to remove all debris.

Currie has a crate rearend program with Summit and Jegs. There are housings built and ready next to the parts washer ready to fill those orders.

Here is a shot of Currie’s new heavy-duty Centurion housings prior to welding up the axle tubes.

The sparks fly as Currie techs weld up housing ends on a customer’s custom-built rearend.

A GM A-Body Chevelle housing has brackets welded in preparation for cleaning, powder coating and final assembly. Currie can build a custom rearend from street to strip.


The 9+ race case third member and F9 fabricated housing is the ticket to get your drag strip terror to plant the power. You have to do your homework, though, and have a gear ratio ready when placing your order. We had the opportunity to tour the Currie facility with Currie’s own Brian Shepherd showing us what goes on behind the scenes. To order the ultimate drag race rearend for your drag strip terror go to

Text by Travis Noack

Photos by Travis Noack, Bob Johnson and from the Currie Archives


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