Hughes Performance Pro Mod & Extreme Diesel XP5 Lock-Up Powerglide


Extreme Diesel  XP5-

- Proprietary lock-up torque converter system all self contained within transmission and activated with a single 12 volt input

- Extreme duty custom billet steel alloy 1.25” diameter input shaft

- Custom billet steel bolt-in stator support

- High output CNC machined billet aluminum pump

- Heavy duty SFI-certified Reid transmission case and bellhousing

- Heavy duty Reid extension housing with dual caged needle roller bearings on standard length models

- CNC machined billet aluminum extension housing with roller bearing on shorty and medium length models

- Extreme duty billet planetary gear set, 1.69 and 1.80 ratio options available

- Extreme duty 1.375” diameter 32-spline output shaft (same as TH400)

- Pro Mod drum with 10 premium frictions and steels

- Billet steel Pro Mod clutch hub

- Proprietary band

- Billet aluminum dual ring servo with custom calibrated servo spring

- Pro Series fluid release transbrake valve body with custom built-in Extreme Duty lock-up solenoid, no-button-reverse option available

- Heavy duty rebuildable transbrake solenoid

- CNC machined billet aluminum governor support with roller bearing

- Options available for Chevrolet, Ford, and Chrysler engines.

- Shorty, medium, and standard length options available

- CNC-machined billet aluminum 1” thick bellhousing spacer and extended length dowel pins included with every XP5 transmission

- Rated for use with over 4,000 horsepower

For more info call 602-257-9591 or visit



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