Feature: Twin Turbos Motivate This Monte SS – About the Driver

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Little did Shane Stack know at 16 years old that the ’86 Monte Carlo SS he received as a gift from his father would still be his ride of choice 21 years later.

“My dad bought the car new and gave it to me in 1990, and it’s been a work in progress ever since. It’s a real SS car, and I drove it all through high school. It was a cool car to have back then and was one of the newer cars that anyone had at school. It had the big stereo system and all that stuff to start with, but then I got into racing. I street raced, bracket raced with it, and it got progressively faster.”


Upon entering the heads-up world through the 6.20 and later 6.0 index ranks, Stack competed with a stout 175-hp shot of nitrous on several eighth-mile tracks not too far from his Huntsville, Alabama, home. He eventually graduated to the now-defunct Outlaw Racing Street Car Association’s (ORSCA’s) EZ Street class, winning the 2005 class championship. Less than a year later, however, Stack’s small-block Chevy motor was sporting a new 106mm turbocharger.


“I just kind of got mad at the nitrous because we kept burning the motor up. It didn’t take me too long to get sick of that, and we made the switch to a single turbo.”  Stack admits to going through “a pretty steep learning curve” after the swap, often relying on advice from Alan Dudley at Dudley Engineering and Fab in Somerville, Alabama.


Shane Stack is justifiably proud of his Monte Carlo and strides he made in wringing serious horsepower out of his twin-turbo big-block.


“Alan really helped us a lot to start with. We really didn’t know anything about the turbo, so there were lots of phone calls and questions and just a lot of figuring out to do on our own,” he says.


It obviously worked, as Stack made the first-ever, four-second EZ Street pass in October 2006, going 4.97 seconds at an also-record 153.55 mph in qualifying at a ORSCA event at Albany, Georgia. The car carried an R&R Race Engines-built 436 topped by SB2.2 NASCAR heads, with all of turbo plumbing designed and installed by Stack.


“We stuck with the single turbo in ’07 and finished second in the championship, but then (ORSCA) choked the rules back and made us run the 94mm, and I really didn’t like it. That slowed us down a lot, and once you’ve already gone pretty fast it’s really hard to go backwards. So we actually went to a 114mm turbo and stepped up a class to Limited Street, but we were really outgunned there trying to keep up with that combination.”


The twice turbo’d 572-ci Big Chief is good for mid-fours in the eighth-mile.


Stack stepped up to twin-turbo power for the first time early in 2009, with a pair of Turbonetics Y2K 91mm units, before making yet another major engine combo change. “R&R in Huntsville does all my motor work, but Chris Terry at David Lemmond’s Raceshop in Somerville built and installed the current turbo system last year with two Precision Turbo Pro Mod 91s bolted up to a 572-ci BBC Big Chief engine and that made all the difference.”


Stay tuned for a closer look at Shane Stacks twin turbo ride!

Text and Photos by Ian Tocher

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