Don Lough’s Bubble Top Beauty

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One of the greatest parts of goin’ to the digs isn’t just the racing, but the car show, too! One of the sweetest rides you’re going to come across is Don Lough’s immaculate ’62 Chevy Bel Air sport coupe bubble top.


Still very much a work in progress, but showing great promise, Don, with the support of wife Judy and engine builder/crew member Larry Marshall, will be flogging this beauty at strips throughout the Southwest.




Larry Marshall is responsible for the Dart-based 1,000-plus-hp big-block.




Tom Yancer Race Cars executed the interior, including the Funny Car-style roll cage.  Jaz seats, B&M shifter, Auto Meter gauges and Simpson belts are among the first cabin equipment used.



Beauty is more than skin deep. Once the body panels disappear, Yancer’s high level of craftsmanship is evident. Equipment from Ron Davis, Flaming River, Wilwood and Santhuff make up the front end.



The cleanly crafted “trunk” features an Aeromotive fuel pump, Jaz fuel cell and AC Delco twin batteries.



Text by Pete Ward

Photos by Richard Brady

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