The Four-Barrel Chronicles

The Final Chapter

Idle Circuit Function and Calibration Functionally, the idle circuit is very similar to the main metering system and may be thought of as a main system for low-speed use. Under normal circumstances, idle flow begins when manifold vacuum acts on the cu (Read More..)

The Ultimate Garage Art!

What could be better than a Kenny Youngblood original of your loved one’s very own ride as a Christmas gift?

    The legendary hot rod artist Kenny Youngblood will create a large, full color 14×22 inch “CARtoon” of your car (or your favorite car) for just $249.95, plus $15 shipping.  Kenny personalizes each one to the customer’s specs; (Read More..)

Cool Stuff from Steve McCool

Award winning automotive artist Steve McCool has just released the first illustration of his latest series entitled ‘Heroes of Drag Racing’.

Award winning automotive artist Steve McCool has just released the first illustration of his latest series entitled ‘Heroes of Drag Racing’. It depicts Herman Petersen’s top fuel dragster that raced from 1968-1971. The car won several events alo (Read More..)

Hughes Performance Pro Mod & Extreme Diesel XP5 Lock-Up Powerglide

  – - Proprietary lock-up torque converter system all self …

  - - Proprietary lock-up torque converter system all self contained within transmission and activated with a single 12 volt input - Extreme duty custom billet steel alloy 1.25” diameter input shaft - Custom billet steel bolt-in stator support - (Read More..)

The Four-Barrel Chronicles

More Carburetor Mysteries Solved, Part Two

Appearance Vs. Reality Changing priorities during the 1970s and ‘80s combined with the EPA’s grand and glorious entrance into the automobile business made fuel distribution especially important.  It is for this reason that some carburetors, which (Read More..)

The Four-Barrel Chronicles

Carburetor Basic Training, Part One of a Three-Part Series

If you’re new to drag racing, it may seem odd that some engines are equipped with carburetors. If you’ve been racing for years, it probably seems odd that some aren’t. In either case, carburetor operation may be a bit of a mystery.   Back i (Read More..)

Mickey Thompson

Text and Photos Courtesy of Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum

Over the years, the hot rod industry has spawned numerous innovators, icons, entrepreneurs and heroes, but perhaps none more prolific than the late Mickey Thompson. Murdered, along with his wife Trudi in their Bradbury, California, driveway in the spri (Read More..)

With All Due Respect

Gaylen Smith Makes His Way in ADRL

It’s no secret that respect and respectability don’t come easy in the cutthroat world of outlaw doorslammer racing. Past results and credentials don’t really mean all that much, a point driven home to “Texas Bounty Hunter” Gaylen Smith when h (Read More..)

DRO AA/FCs Star at 59th Annual World Series of Drag Racing

Midwest Racers Rule the Historic Event

Until recently the only drag race Nostalgia AA/FC racers and fans considered a must-attend event has been the historic March Meet held at iconic Famoso Raceway near Bakersfield, California. Lately, 30 or more teams have made the trek to battle for a sp (Read More..)