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All about speed and acceleration – here and in our DRAG RACER!

We always prepare with great enthusiasm for our readers a unique perspective on machine testing. We resort to interviewing respected people in this sport. We receive informative and useful technical articles, learn more about drivers, make factory tours, find and tell about the hottest features of cars – what usually remains “behind the scenes”.

Our main goal is to provide comprehensive information about Sportsman, Pro and Nostalgia races.

We write technical information both for those who are just beginning to explore the world of automotive industry, and for professional connoisseurs of construction cars.
For this purpose, we always take clear pictures and brief information – after which everyone will want to personally repair their car!

Have you ever dreamed of getting acquainted with the most top drivers??? Well, dreams come true! We will introduce you to the drivers, the athlete through nitro, and you will know what is going on inside the helmet. You’ll see what they’re driving and what races they’re in.